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i adore list writing.

I adore. Yes. So I wrote a list, about my favourite places.They are especially personal places, what I really know or places what I like.

 1. home
 2. with good friends
 3. with my dog
 4. Mályi-lake
 5. the old playground, near there
 6. Corfu, near the sea
 7. the forest
 8. Csurgó, in Bükk
 9. Hámori-lake, ice-skating
10. training camps (orienteering)
11. at friends
12. Saint Mark square, Venice
13. Slovakia, big mountains
14. Eger
15. Debrecen, botanical garden 



27.9.08 12:16

i can't write title....

I love to listen music and think about life. About things, what people never talk. Whys and hows. Reasons and results, and more. Sitting in my room, which is totally cleaned. Sitting at the desk, with all my homework's done, and writing. Isn't it too idyllic? I feel like i felt at Christmas time. It's dark, and cold, but nice. It's a pity, there is not snow...

melancholic weather + melancholic music = melancholic girl

26.9.08 17:18

duh. amnesiac girl

I forgot. There is a video, what I love. I love Michelle Branch !!! She is amazing. Listen this:


25.9.08 20:38

new; and old

I put on a new layout. That's all. I have to tell how is my MSN partners. I've created funny factions. There are..umm..a lot of :] I write them down :

  1. The BEST. the king / I'm the only one in that group :D
  2. The Bests of The BEST / my best friends
  3. one shots / I don't talk with them very much
  4. goops :D / I hate them
  5. and T who is no comment / I hate him VEEEEERY much.
I can't say more. I'm tired. 
25.9.08 20:34

i hate summer holiday drawing -.-"

We have to draw two pictures about our summer. Bloah. I hate these exercises. RAWR.
24.9.08 20:39

ooh. my throat!

I wasn't at school in the previous days. I have a bad throatache. But I don't have to go to school. Yeah. I can't write long post, 'cause my dog wants to play with me, and she is very sad if I don't play. I find a site, what is very good. It's about Sims 2. But I recommend it only for those, who can read in english. Bye. Oh, I forgot the link...duh.

Click here.

24.9.08 09:56

23.9.08 12:23

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