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i adore list writing.

I adore. Yes. So I wrote a list, about my favourite places.They are especially personal places, what I really know or places what I like.

 1. home
 2. with good friends
 3. with my dog
 4. Mályi-lake
 5. the old playground, near there
 6. Corfu, near the sea
 7. the forest
 8. Csurgó, in Bükk
 9. Hámori-lake, ice-skating
10. training camps (orienteering)
11. at friends
12. Saint Mark square, Venice
13. Slovakia, big mountains
14. Eger
15. Debrecen, botanical garden 



27.9.08 12:16

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emily (27.9.08 12:21)
I was in Venice 2 years ago... St. Mark square is beautiful!

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